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Learn more about our referral service

Orthopaedics and Spinal Referral Service

This is run by Bob Pettit BSc BVM&S Cert SAS MRCVS.

Bob qualified in 1997 from Edinburgh and spent seven years in mixed practice, including some at Kingsway, before devoting his work to orthopaedics in 2005. Bob worked at Torrington Orthopaedics in Brighouse from 2005-2010 and during his 5 year tenure became experienced in all facets of orthopaedics and spinal small animal surgery. Handling more than 350 procedures each year, he gained his Royal College Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2007.

Bob returned to Kingsway in May 2010 to join the partnership and offer this referral service. His main interests are arthroscopy, complex fracture repair, angular limb deformities, spinal surgery and the rehabilitation of the orthopaedic or spinal patient.

Operations are performed in a sterile operating theatre dedicated for orthopaedic use which incorporates positive pressure with hepa filtered air conditioning. This removes airborne pathogens to reduce the chance of contamination during surgery, which is essential for orthopaedic surgery.

The orthopaedics and spinal referral service includes:

  • Arthrodesis
  • Assessment of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • A free, no obligation, radiography reading service with telephone or e-mail advice about cases
  • Investigation and surgical management of joint disease via arthroscopy and arthrotomy
  • Management of all fractures using internal fixation, including locking plates, MIPO techniques and external fixation (linear, hybrid and circular frames)
  • Diagnosis and management of cranial cruciate disease via Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) and extracapsular stabilisation (lateral fabella suture or Tightrope (Arthrex®)
  • Assessment, diagnosis via myelography and management of spinal cases including thoracolumbar disc extrusion or protrusion, cervical spondylomyelopathy and lumbosacral disease
  • Liaison with hydrotherapy and physiotherapy services available locally to ensure optimum rehabilitation for the animal post surgery or recovery from an injury

Initial consultations are 45 minutes, with follow up examinations of 20-30 minutes.

Cardiology and Respiratory Referral Service

The cardiology and respiratory referral service is run by Jan Harvey BVSc Cert VC MRCVS.

Jan has an interest in cardiorespiratory medicine and will see cases from all over Lancashire, West and North Yorkshire.

They are very happy to discuss cases with referring vets in advance of referral and offer a prompt and friendly service. Jan is also qualified to do heart testing (auscultation) for screening purposes prior to breeding.

Our state of the art veterinary hospital facilities include:

  • Digital Radiography
  • Echocardiography, including Spectral and Colour Flow Doppler
  • Electrocardiography
  • 24 hrs Holter ECG Monitoring
  • Blood Pressure Measurement
  • Bronchoscopy

We can investigate a variety of problems including:

  • Acquired and congenital cardiac abnormalities
  • Coughing and dyspnoea
  • Cardiac dysrhythmias
  • Episodic Weakness and Collapses
  • Pericardial and Pleural Effusions

As well as being available to all our clients, our referral services are also available to other veterinary practices.

Vets – to refer a patient for this service, please complete our online form:

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